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A Batch of Sci-tech Innovation Platforms from Hong Kong to Settle in Sichuan

  From virtual reality technology research to blockchain application innovation, a large number of top sci-tech innovation platforms from Hong Kong will be launched in Sichuan. On July 9, Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department and City University of Hong Kong signed an agreement on 2019 sci-tech cooperation scheme between Sichuan Province and the University. The program focuses on "jointly promoting the establishment of sci-tech innovation platforms".

  As agreed upon, the department will shore up the City University of Hong Kong in the following fields, including jointly establishing innovation bases such as engineering research centers and key laboratories with universities and institutes within the province; setting up Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Chengdu Research Institute under City University of Hong Kong to provide comprehensive venture capital services for high-tech enterprise settled in Sichuan; founding virtual reality application laboratories in Sichuan to explore the application of virtual reality technology in special education, rehabilitation, and cultural heritage protection and display; and establishing a blockchain business innovation center in Sichuan and jointly building Shuangliu International Technology Transfer Platform.  

  With regard to specific supporting measures, relevant heads from the department noted that it will give priority to the above platform establishment, provincial sci-tech scheme projects in accordance with relevant provisions, provided that the conditions are met. In addition, through consultation, the two sides agreed to speed up the establishment and improvement of the mechanism of department-university consultation by holding a high-level consultation meeting at the beginning of each year, and promote domestic and foreign high-end talents and projects to settle in Sichuan, including facilitating the establishment of sci-tech partnership between the innovation teams from the City University of Hong Kong that specialize in advantageous disciplines such as block chain, creative media, new materials, and universities and institutions in Sichuan, as well as their settlement in Sichuan.

  In 2017, the City University of Hong Kong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sichuan Provincial Government, which explicitly pledged to strengthen cooperation in such fields as strategic decision-making consultation, industry-university-research platform establishment, scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and international technology transfer and transformation.

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